Back In Season


Now that the heat is gone and the tourists are back I’ve started making my way back down to the French Quarter. I tried this about three weeks ago to my own embarrassment. After getting all my gear together and packing up all my things I get down to the Quarter. I walk several blocks to my usual spot outside of Rouses and I can hear there are musicians out and about as I get nearer. I also notice there are a lot more people on the streets then there had been in the previous months.

My first ceremonial stop is always Spitfire Coffee. I do the usual pour over and start get my gear out and get ready. At this point my frustration and humor combine as I realize I’ve left my camera battery back at the house. Torn between laughing at myself and being completely disappointed in myself I pack up my things and make peace with being merely an observer for the day. I wouldn’t try again for at least two more weeks, having shot two weddings between then and now.

Now that things are hopping again around the city I’m sure the blog will be getting weekly updates. It’s really nice to be back photographing the people who bring so much musical joy to my life!


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