Acting vs. Interacting


Last week when I was photographing outside of Rouses on Royal there was another photographer buzzing around the scene with a lens longer then my arm. He was around a long time, probably as long as I was there so up to a few hours. He never spoke a word to me or to anyone else that I noticed. He just circled and shot. Never tipped the band or applauding or interacting with anyone.

While I’m sure he got some great shots that was the only thing he walked away with. On the other hand I got to meet each member of the band, shake their hands, meet some of their family, hear their stories, and learn their names. While photography is incredibly important to me and I consider it my craft it often times acts merely as a vehicle for meeting and getting to know people I normally wouldn’t.

Even though every picture I get is the sole reward for each outing in itself I feel like the real reward is getting to know the people I photograph.


2 thoughts on “Acting vs. Interacting

  1. The reason all your photos tell a story. You can just “feel” the story behind each person’s eyes. Even though I’m looking at your still photo I get the sense of movement, talking, story telling. I believe it is because you do take the time to communicate, to exchange energies. Therefore THEIR energy comes out in your photo of them. Thank you. 💜


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