Two Tones


This post hopefully marks the beginning of getting back to regular posts. I had recently had a wedding to shoot and edit which took longer then I expected and I’m still working on the last of those images but it was a lot of fun! During that whole thing I ended up moving upstairs which i fooled myself into thinking would be quick and easy. However now life is back to mostly normal while summer has reared it’s head in Louisiana and the slow season is here.

Once I got all of my chemicals and photography gear unpacked I knew I had a roll of Ilford Super 400 in one of my tanks that hadn’t been developed yet. So I warmed up the developer in the new kitchen sink and developed it before work yesterday. The negatives came out a very interesting shade of green which I can only assume was due to them sitting in the tank for 2 months. Despite the green tint some of the images came out great!

This is a shot of a fella who calls himself Tommy Two Tone on Royal St. in front of Rouses. I’m pretty sure this was shot on my Pentax KX. I’ve been really fighting the issue of dust on my negatives. There’s so much of it even after I wash them and wipe them off!


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