Mardi Gras Kids


So many, even among those who’ve visited New Orleans often, are very skeptical when I tell them how Mardi Gras is very much a family event. How there will be rows and rows of ladders with seats built on top filled with children. Most of what you see on TV takes place in The French Quarter with the audience being primarily tourists and is a vast minority of the parades that go on within other neighborhoods of the city.

This shot was taken at The Krewe of Alla parade on St. Charles at Napoleon.


5 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Kids

  1. Your photos are amazing!
    I’m taking photography classes myself…I can already tell that I will probably never have a true artist’s eye–like you do. However, whether *I* can do it or not, I will always enjoy viewing the photos of others like yourself. Thanks for sharing.

    Angie @

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