It’s interesting the things we use to define our self. I was talking to a friend about discovering what it was that defined her as a person. She confessed that in the past she was often defined by the people she spent the most time around. In that way she didn’t have to be particularly ‘cool’ and was instead able to appear so on the backs of her ‘cool’ friends so to speak.

It wasn’t until recently traveling that she thought about herself without those people and what it meant about her own identity. Other people define themselves by other things sometimes their spouse or their job or their community. We pick things in our life to represent who we are and the self we present to the world is reflected in it. Just really interesting to think about and question.


5 thoughts on “Self

  1. I have defined myself in so many ways throughout the years. As I grow older, how I define myself changes. And I find it difficult to pick one thing. I guess one common denominator throughout the years is “true to myself.” Even that has been questionable in earlier years.

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  2. That is very true 🙂 and kind of logical, really. What you do, who you are with, it does shape what you feel like, how you think, who you are. The “me” the in company of my friends is very different from the “me” designing or drawing or from the “me” reading books.
    Of course to define yourself too much through ONE distinct thing is probably not a very healthy attitude…

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  3. Agreed. It’s you’re choices/actions/habits and all those little quirks that make you, ‘you’..but if going into too much depth stresses one out then defining yourself as human is good enough 🙂

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  4. This is something I came to realise myself, exactly because I traveled for a while. I also find that this way of defining oneself prevents us from experiencing life – which could lead to regret later in life.

    Loved the post, and amazing pic.

    I just opened a blog about a journey to avoid this regret by going on 1000 trips and finishing with a summit to Everest.

    If you have a chance, I’d love if you could check it out and give me your take on it;)

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