New Orleans Street Portraits The Book


Today I was very excited to receive the first copies of my book in the mail. It encapsulates almost exactly a year of photographing in New Orleans. Seventy-six pages! From Uptown to the French Quarter you’ll see the fantastic and diverse characters that call the city home in one way or another. If there’s one thing New Orleanians know how to do it’s live life for every moment.

It’s available on the Blurb store by clicking on the image above or following this link New Orleans Street Photography Hardback Book.

The Transient Photographer has also been picked to be featured on the WordPress Discover page which I’m super excited about.

Thanks so much to everyone who does happen upon this blog and leave likes and comments. When I started this blog it was primarily for my friends and family to see my work and to write and share my feelings and images. It’s now coming up on two thousand followers, small by some measures, but so much for what it is. So thank you all for sharing my love of everyday people and everyday life in the most beautiful and soulful city in North America.


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