Christmas Day

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

Christmas day my daughter and I decided to spend it on the river. We journeyed down to the one stop Christmas extravaganza that is Verti Mart on Royal St. Bought a bag of chex mix and two drinks. Then we made our way over to the river through a surprisingly crowded French Quarter.

The steps down to the water were crowded, filled with a mix of tourists, punks, and homeless. We found a spot next to an man eating lasagna out of a piece of foil. We proceeded to open our chex mix and take in the cool wind off of the water.

One of the punk kids was hassling the others on the steps. Moving from person to person being overtly rude and condescending. I knew it was only a matter of time before he made his way over to our area. Sure enough the man next to us had finished his lasagna and took out a smoke. As he did the punk kid comes over to hassle him for it. The man tells the kid in a very loud voice to get away from him, about six times. Eventually he stands up and a scuffle breaks out between them.

The whole thing is over in a couple of minutes. My daughter looks at me and says, “And thats why you don’t mess with a homeless man on Christmas Day.” I chuckle and we finish our chex mix.


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