This is Beautiful


Beautiful. A word we use to describe things we can’t really describe. Most of the time we don’t know why it just is. So we say it’s beautiful because we don’t have anything else to label it.

If you could put all of a life’s experiences into a single vessel, all of the tragedy, all of the love, all of the wonder, and all of the indescribable moments and you could view that vessel as a complete unique collection of the human experience and you had to use one word to describe it could you conjure up a word in any language?


4 thoughts on “This is Beautiful

  1. Name that vessel ‘life’ as it in itself is a vessel containing all the emotions actions, memories.
    so when next time when you see boy begging in front you for some money don’t see hunger in his eyes because that is life. and once again when you see married couple kissing in a church don’t see happiness in their eyes because that’s life. Though in other form.


  2. It would be the word “Beautiful”. Yes with all the tragedy, all the good times, all the love received & not received, all the triumphs & the losses, all the regrets & the proud moments, all the emotions felt & the suppressed ones, all of my life as a whole vessel was Beautiful. Beautiful because amidst all of this I created an exceptionally passionate, intelligent & talented human being. A Beautiful baby boy to share with the world. Who has now grown into a man whose thoughts & words are a gift to all of human race. You made my world, as a whole vessel, Beautiful. Thank you 💜


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