For The Love Of It

For The Love Of It

For The Love Of It
For The Love Of It

I’ve been photographing this group of musicians on Royal St. for awhile now and what I love about them is that they have a palpable love for what they do. Like I’ve said before some things you just can’t fake and loving what you do is certainly one of them. It comes through in their music, their performance, and their personalities.

Photographing life on the streets and sidewalks and capturing meaningful moments I do just for the love of it.  Living in New Orleans provides a never ending stream of above average opportunities to capture life being lived to the fullest but far more mundane cities can be just as plentiful.  While living in Dallas I photographed the same six streets in downtown and Deep Ellum for years and as time went on it certainly became more challenging to find new things or new ways to shoot the same things. Because of my love for it however I continued shooting and found ways and things that were always new to me.

I feel like if I had only a bowl and fork to photograph I would spend all of my time shooting that fork and bowl in an infinite number of ways. Maybe I would have the most extensive collection of bowl and fork photographs known to man! For a musician who loves creating music, if they had only a stick and bucket, I don’t doubt they would master this instrument spending all their time playing it.

Once you find what you’re passionate about all that remains is the rest of your life to master it and share it.

Check out The Second Hand Street Band! 


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