The Mystery of Rivers

A Love of Water
A Love of Water

The mystery and love of rivers goes back to our most primal selves. Since the dawn of humanity rivers have been a great provider for us. Most major cities in the world sit on a river they give us food, fresh water, irrigation for our crops, defense from invaders, transportation, and now in the modern era electricity.
They are not only providers but also destroyers. Through flooding and course changes rivers can take as well as give. In this way they are a power that we look to that has long been out of our control. Throughout time we have made them into gods and demons with personalities and whims that could determine the life or death of humans and entire communities.
The mystery and majesty of rivers comes from their unconfinable power, their ability to give life and take it. They have a serene beauty that hides beneath it a force of destruction that is hard to picture. They are the beauty and the beast.


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