Tougher Stuff

Tougher Stuff

I often hear of older generations being referred to as having been made of ‘tougher stuff’. I feel like more often then not this tougher stuff resides in elders who lived through and/or grew up during the great depression only to be greeted by World War II in 1939. It was a difficult almost two decades for America and the world.

After around seven years of depression followed by six years of war many lost their lives but those who survived and endured certainly came out of an era that would difficult for many of us to really understand.

Bottom line, a hard life makes a tough person, not genetics. The comfort of our safe modern lives can alienate us from generations that lived through and witnessed things we just don’t or didn’t. If you have a chance to listen to one of their stories or offer them a nod of respect do it while you can. Their generation is nearly gone from this time.

[This photo taken with a Pentax SuperME on Ilford Delta 125 and developed in the kitchen with Ilfosol 3 and Rapid Fixer.]


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