Throughout our lives we encounter many individuals all by chance. Our parents, our friends, our siblings. All cosmic rolls of the dice. Some for good and some for bad. Either way we learn a lot from these individuals and they shape our lives our personalities. They are the roots the rocks and the mountains that our life flows around nudging us this way or that.

Sometimes simply by being there they change everything as our life invariably takes a turn because of their presence. They move us towards safety sometimes towards danger sometimes we have to make a choice and sometimes we just keep coming back to them.

This city around us is merely the landscape of a life dotted by towering landmarks of individuals and perilous rendezvous we couldn’t predict.

This man, my Grandfather, has been a guiding light in a sometimes dark and uncertain path. Merely his example was enough for me to understand the right way to be. He didn’t tell me, he showed me, with his actions and his disposition. Sometimes that’s all you need is a great example of how to do it right.


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