Just Sing

Just Sing
Just Sing

“Begin by breaking every mirror in the house. Let your arms fall.
Regard the wall loosely, forget.

Sing one note, listen from the inside.

If you hear (but this will happen much later) something like a landscape
immersed in fear, with bonfires in between the rocks, with semi-nude
silhouettes on tiptoes, I believe you will be well on your way, the same
if you hear a river where vessels painted in yellow and black descend,
if you hear the taste of bread, the feel of fingers, the shadow of a horse.

Afterwards buy solfeggios and a tailcoat, and please don’t sing through
your nose and leave Schumann in peace.”

By Julio Cortazar

When you sing, music vibrates through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape.  If you’ve never had a trombone blown four feet from your head you really should. You can feel a wave of deep sound vibrating your entire upper spine. This isn’t the same as standing next to some large PA system at a concert. This is unadulterated sound washing over your bones. Feeling the music is absolutely literal at this point.

As much of a photographer as I am I would say photography is just a tool I use in the wider discipline of Bluesology and if you go wider I would say all photographers are Lifeologists.  Since what we are doing is recording life in it’s various facets. And you don’t have to look far for the blues. If you’re in the South and can’t find the Blues just stand still for a spell and the Blues will find you like Mr. Gil Scott-Heron said.

So for all fellow Lifeologists out there keep recording keep studying keep capturing life.


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