Gettin Low

Gettin Low

Gettin Low
Gettin Low

I often hear someone say you can’t know what’s good until you’ve had the bad. If you weren’t ever thirsty you’d never appreciate a glass of cold water. I think in some cases this is true but maybe not all. I also think it works in reverse. Once you’ve experienced something close to perfection other things just aren’t as great as you thought they were.

If I hadn’t had that perfect espresso at Solo Espresso I would have gone on thinking that all those other espresso’s were perfectly good. I just can’t unexperience it and go back to the way it was before. So in a way life can constantly raise the bar of your expectations just by experiencing ever better variations on the things you already loved.

I guess my point is that hitting new lows in your life can certainly make you appreciate what you had but also reaching new highs can remind you that there’s usually something better out there you just have to discover it.  A better angle, a better workflow, a better light, or a better espresso. Once you’ve found them there’s no unknowing them.


13 thoughts on “Gettin Low

  1. I definitely agree. The power of feelings and expectations is impressing and at times constricting. As you said you cannot go back to not knowing what a great expresso tastes like. I think understanding the ebb and flow of life with ups and downs is essential. We need both to complement the other to have the true experience of a full life.

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  2. Reblogged this on itsthebeehive and commented:
    Appreciate and be thankful for the good things and learn from the bad experiences you’ve had. This is a great thought on how to approach life in general through your daily routines and activities.

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  3. I’m truly happy to have come across your page. What catches my eye in the picture is the man sleeping in the background. It makes me think of how the highs and lows are important, almost essential to feeling human and understanding experiences, but we truly attain peace or a sense of calm, when we close our eyes and sit back and hear the music, regardless of the high or low that we are in. Life’s always in a state of flux and we can only attempt to make the balance. And we just need to take a deep breath sometimes.

    I’m way off your interpretation.

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