All Cares Aside

All Cares Aside

All Cares Aside
All Cares Aside

When all cares are put aside and all thoughts of purity are lost, if you pause for a moment, you can sense global community and you can witness the potential of diversity.  Purity is merely a blank canvas ready for all the colors of life, love, happiness, sadness, and individuality.

Like a mosaic if all the tiles were merely the same color it would not be as beautiful as a mosaic made of all the colors of the spectrum. And each tile in it’s truly unique self must stand next to another tile different entirely from the other but just as illustrious on it’s own.

Only when we combine, mix, and borrow do we create a complex flavor that triumphs over any one origin.  You do not create a delicious soup with simply one spice no matter how great it is. Only by mixing many many spices together do you achieve rich flavor. Be a true individual and embrace everything that is different than you because surrounding yourself with opposites will make you and all those involved taste exceptionally better! 😉


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