Sousaphone This

Sousaphone This

Sousaphone This
Sousaphone This

If you passed him on the street without the Sousaphone you probably wouldn’t give him a second glance. You’d never know there was a powerful voice or there was a soulful performance. Too often we assume too much based on surface appearances and cursory glances. That completely ordinary man you passed by, the woman that made your coffee, or the guy sleeping against the wall in a sleeping bag could be the most talented person you’ve never met. How many times a day does greatness walk right by us and we never even notice or seek to find it out. The next time you see a completely ordinary person imagine what they might be amazing at.


12 thoughts on “Sousaphone This

  1. Another great picture! I love the contrasts and the black and white filter! Or is it a filter…? I am not that informed about photography…
    Compliment also for your texts, they always fit to the picture, make me think further, food for thoughts…
    Thank you 🙂


  2. Should that not be said of each human being, we all are unique, individually crafted by the unseen hand of nature, we all are talent, a voice, a face, an everlasting smile, a single tear, a words craftsman, a soul, we have it all, we should, just not judge, but applaud each human face 🌷


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