Resistance Feature



Here on our world everything that moves has resistence. Rather its atmospheric or gravitational anything moving forward or upward meets resistance. The more resistance that is met the stronger the traveler must be to over come it. If there is more resistance then the traveler has momentum the journey is over. Our individual lives are no different.

The resistance we meet in our lives are the challenges we encounter every day. They can drag us down and if we’re not careful they can drown us. Sometimes when our own momentum isn’t enough to carry us through, as people, we can borrow the momentum of others to get us through the toughest resistance in our lives. Sometimes even people we barely know can offer just enough push to get us through. A smile, a hug, a well timed laugh, can make a difficult way easier.

There are some people out there who have a special ability to project momentum into other people’s lives. Their own lives can be just as difficult but they possess an outward energy that naturally comforts. Occasionally if you’re lucky life can have a way sending you these people when you need them most.

I was living in Dallas, at a difficult time in my life, working sixty to seventy hours a week. Life was morning to morning, the work both consumed and comforted, by way of numbing. I felt out of place and disconnected. At work everyone loved me though my personal life was in shambles. In the end there were two special people who kept me going during this difficult time. Probably unknown to them, their constant presence gave me the momentum I needed to make it through.

One of them showed me there was still wonder in life, that things could be looked at from alternate perspectives, that you could find creativity in any place or any form, that you could take the most mundane task and make it important and artful. That spontaneous journeys could free your spirit and that cultural boundaries were only constructs in our minds.

The other one was just a beacon of positive energy. They were an endless supply of warm caring hugs and a smile that could make the worst day survivable. Not only that they possessed an intellectul interest that made it fun and challenging to talk about life’s more in depth topics. It resparked my interest in reading and critical thinking and they helped me find a positive path in life.

For a!most two years they kept me going and I think about them every day and miss them dearly. Love you guys.


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