Curbside Angel

Curbside Angel

Curbside Angel
Curbside Angel

I’m not sure how someone can be offended by another person attempting to live their life, without hurting others, the way they want.  Whatever it involves, however they want to do it, just spending their short amount of time on this planet in a way that makes them most happy. So long as that way doesn’t include hurting another person what harm can come from that.

How do we look at others and say what they are doing to achieve happiness is wrong.  How did we achieve the right to dictate that. Who mandated a particular way of life that was the right way and that no other ways were correct. How can it make us happy to take the happiness of another person and say no you cannot be happy like this. It is not allowed. Then how do we live knowing that that person will spend their life never being themselves, never reaching true happiness, and will die having been unable to ever live the life they wanted.

I think the idea of tolerance is essentially wrong.  When you say you are tolerant you are immediately insinuating that there is something wrong with it but you will let it slide anyway. Tolerance isn’t the answer. Its about embracing compassion in yourself for other humans. All humans. All peoples. You don’t have to tolerate them. You have to love them for who they are and what they are and know that each person has their own unique version of being happy that doesn’t intrude upon your own.

It’s destructive and wrong to tell others that they’re flawed because of the way they live. It can permanently damage someone and where once there was an opportunity for joy and love there is only left despair and rejection.


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