There are far more things, as humans, that bind us together regardless of culture or race or ethnicity then there are that separate us. Essentially people everywhere want the same things in life. They have the same desires the same mannerism the same loves and the same fears. If we spent more time focusing on the things that we share instead of the things that separate us we could see that humanity as a whole is one family that is globally interconnected.

There’s a small group of individuals in the world who consistently want to remind us of the very few things that separate us. Which distracts us from the truth. That we’re all basically the same and the diversity of culture is something that should be celebrated and shared not something to be feared.

When this sharing of culture actually happens and everyone forgets about their differences for a moment the result is a feeling of real family even among strangers. It’s a truly unique experience that I’ve rarely had the opportunity to experience. Once you do you suddenly realize that it’s supposed to be like that all the time and you seek out chances to make it happen again.

Because nothing is quite like having that moment with someone when you realize that even though I don’t know you as a person we both know that we care about one another because on a larger scale we are family and sharing our lives and traditions is something to be cherished.


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