An Anchor

An Anchor

An Anchor
An Anchor

In our lives I think we all have anchors that keep us from drifting too far astray. A best friend, a close relative, a loved pet, an intimate partner or sometimes our job or our hobbies or even the place we live are common anchors. Sometimes our anchors keep us grounded help us enjoy the things around us more and appreciate things around us.

But other times life is when the plan falls apart and you’re flying by the seat of your pants. When you pick a direction randomly, talk to a stranger, or leave your house without anywhere to go. When you take a chance on something. So it’s good to have an anchor. Something to hold on to. Because it’s going to be a wild ride.

The craziest decisions we make can bring the greatest rewards. I think few accomplished great things without taking huge risks.  You just have to follow your heart.


2 thoughts on “An Anchor

  1. Beautiful thanks for writing 23 years ago as a young man of 29 I was told I was going to die the man in the white coat gave me circa 18 months I packed my bags and flew away until I found a little island in the middle of the sea there I dropped my bag I anchored I suppose cause even a drowning ship has an anchor and a dead man walking on two legs needs to rest his legs 🌷


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