When It Clicks

When It Clicks

When It Clicks
When It Clicks

Occasionally, sometimes rarely, you find someone or even several someone’s that just click. There’s no explanation. There’s not much rationality to it. It can even defy all reason. Those around you who aren’t in on it can’t understand it. When some folks can’t understand things it can frighten them. A lot of times they may think there’s something unhealthy about it or they just see what they want to see.  But for those involved it can be a great adventure and chance to truly bond with a fellow human.

I’ve had the pleasure and pain of knowing several of these individuals. My life has been accented from a young age with friends, partners, and accomplices that have enriched and altered my life irrevocably.  Always those around me have perplexed at these relationships, sometimes that perplexity would evolve into understanding, sometimes it never did.

If I gathered all these individuals in the same room I could share with them all stories remarkable and unbelievable, sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart breaking. Though amongst themselves they would have little to nothing to say to one another. Most wouldn’t even have known of the others existence and some may even try to do bodily harm to one another. Not only that it would be quite a challenge to gather a more divergent and diverse group together.

From a Peruvian born immigrant into mind expansion, self awareness, and good times; an Ecuadorian pan sexual that mostly enjoys giving the best hugs; a good ole southern boy from Missouri who could shred the guitar or play by the campfire; a military brat with a penchant for getting into any kind of trouble; and a Mississippi kid who struggled with depression and self image. A series of unlikely partners in crime. A series of great memories and great times.

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”


One thought on “When It Clicks

  1. I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason. A lesson. Good or bad. That’s their purpose. Our purpose is to recognize & learn.


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