Hearing Things

Hearing Things

Hearing Things
Hearing Things

We all hear our own internal voice. At least I think we do. I cant really know what anyone else has going on. For me, theres deffinently an internal voice. Sometimes just a nebulous feeling, a need to do something creative. You can ignore it for awhile but eventually you have to give in to it. And for me it’s deffinently a creative force.

If you feed this voice by going where it takes you it can grow stronger and take you places you didnt think you could go before. It can tell you to take that risk and get the shot you might otherwise have risked to get. To go into an alley or down a path you might have otherwise avoided and there you’ll find the subject you wouldn’t have found.

It pushes you to take risks to not be satisfied with the same shots you got last time or the same subject you painted last time. It always wants something new, something more. Anytime I decide not to !isten to it I always feel like I’ve probably missed something that was great.

It can also reward you. The feeling that you just know you got the shot. That the whole rest of the day doesn’t really matter cause you got that one picture. The timing was perfect, the composition was perfect, the expression was just right, the shadows were at the right angle and depth, the texture was rich, and the focus was sharp. Ussually a few of theae things happen in most shots. Rarely do they all come together just right.

My favorite thing that Andre Kertesz said was when he was asked what his best photo was. He replied, “The one I haven’t taken yet.”


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