Keep It Open

Keep It Open

Keep It Open
Keep It Open

I talk to people all the time who have closed themselves off to some of the experiences, places, people, tastes, and sounds around them. When you go into the French Quarter in New Orleans, generally, you know what to expect. You basically know the kind of people you’ll run into, the food that will be available, the kinds of places you can go into, and the kind of music you’ll hear.

However it rarely fails that I run into something, someone, or some place I didn’t quite expect to run into. Or maybe I run into someone who I thought I knew who I thought I understood but on this particular day I spoke to them and realised in fact they weren’t quite what I expected. Sometimes I’m walking along and hear a type of music I didn’t quite expect to hear and it really makes my day.

I think some folks tend to lose their open mind because the world can have a way of exploiting it. Sometimes they’re just taught to keep it closed. Keeping an open mind and being wise can coexist so that you’re not necessarily making yourself vulnerable and you’re also not shutting yourself off from great experiences and adventures you would have otherwise missed out on,


One thought on “Keep It Open

  1. I was brought up by people that each lived in their own “mental imprisonment.” Their judgementle religion, their prejudices, etc. My pet peeve statement is, “I was raised that way.” Well I was too, but even as a child I was mentally independent enough to know it was not right and I wanted no part of their prison.


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