Without a Doubt

The Accordionist
The Accordionist

I think it would be easy to say without a doubt the most consistent guiding thing in my life has always been music. From growing up on the delta, being on Beale St. on a regular basis, to listening to local blues musicians on the front porch, music has influenced the way I feel and see the world my whole life.  It guides me, it comforts me, it justifies me, it inspires me, it enhances me along every path I take.

To this end it was only inevitable that I ended up settling in New Orleans. There’s really no place quite like it that I’ve experienced when it comes to music. Certainly there are more beautiful cities in he world. Certainly there are more exotic cities in the world.  Most certainly there are better smelling cities in the world at times. But I would argue to say that no where in the world is the musical melting pot as rich and soulful as New Orleans.

For the beginning of 2015 I’ll be photographing the amazing artists who bring this magical force to life.


One thought on “Without a Doubt

  1. This is a beautiful photograph. As cliche as it may sound, the happiness in his eyes almost pieced me through the screen and I felt the power, halfway around the world.

    Thank you for this. I went through your blog and it felt like picking up of pieces and remembering again. If that makes any sense, at all. You would be surprised how many would want a picture of you in line with the theme of your previous blog post on Resistance.

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