The Calarinet Feature

The Secret to Life


When I was bartending in a dirty, run down, out of stock bar, that was just on the okay side of the ass end of Dallas Texas, an older man entered the bar.  He approached and ordered a double vodka with soda. I made the drink and he downed it as a friend of mine, in his early twenties, sat next to him rambling about the woes of his dating life.  The older gentleman did not comment but only listened while writing in a small black journal. This was around 1am just an hour away from last call.

While my friend continued to express the extreme difficulties of his love affairs he rattled off the phrase, “Dating in the twenty first century, it’s a bitch man!” At this point the older gentleman, by now on his fourth double vodka soda, cracks up laughing, and starts to engage all of us with a tirade of questions about our ages, our background, and what we “Do”.  Regardless of last call we continue to talk and drink, myself included, until around 4am.

Somewhere along this journey the older gentleman introduces himself as Matthew Posey, the well known owner, writer, and director, of a respected art house theater in Dallas. We all decide it would be best at this point to close the bar and Mr. Posey invites us to continue the evening (morning?) at his theater/house a few doors down. We all think this a fantastic idea, well into our drinks, so we lock up the bar and walk over to Mr. Posey’s.

We go inside walk through a few rows of theater seating, over the stage, and into the back. Behind the stage is what amounts to Mr. Posey’s apartment. We get comfortable and enjoy some excellent condiments for the next hour.  After some time, of which I had lost any ability to track, Mr. Posey asks us youngsters if we knew the secret to life. We all got quiet as if there was an answer we were supposed to know but didn’t. After awhile of searching our inebriated brains, and coming up embarrassingly short, Mr. Posey simply said, ” Find your tools.”

Instantly, the answer was so simple I dismissed it. But as soon as I did the truth of it dawned on me. Once you’ve found the tools to what you love your path is really clear. Anything else along the way is extra.  What does this have to do with music? I think music is a great depiction of this truth. Find the tools to do what you love and you’ll find true happiness in life.


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